A Gracious Mind and Clear Heart Can Transform Your Life

If you’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and a chronic unease in your life, you probably wished, like me, that you knew how you could get out of this negative pattern but didn’t quite know how.

Over the years, I’ve learned that you CAN change this! If you create new habits and work to transform your mindset, you can bring in a feeling of flow, balance, and abundance. In a previous post, I talked about the questions we can ask ourselves to figure out what our passions are.

The way to discover if you’re really passionate about something is to try it and observe how it feels!

For the past year, I’ve been hard at work creating new writing projects. I set the intention to publish at least two e-books or paperbacks a year, not really knowing if this was even realistic. I also started this blog. I already knew I enjoyed writing because I’d done it in many other contexts, for work and for my academic research and publications for example.

What I discovered is that I LOVE the process of putting together a writing project that focuses on helping others. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with others because part of my mission as a life coach is to help people feel more inner peace and balance in their lives.

Writing wasn’t even on my radar five years ago. It was just something I did for work. As it turns out, WHAT I write about was just as important as the act itself. With that, I want to share the key take-aways from my latest book “Gracious Mind, Clear Heart“.

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What I’ve discovered over the years is that there are really only two MAIN transformations that need to take place if you want to create flow, abundance, and balance in your life. The first is having constant gratitude and inner peace for everything that comes in, money, people, material things, and opportunities. The second is clearing your heart space from past and present negativity so that you can be aligned with the beautiful things that want to come into your life, and be ready to receive them.

Having abundant gratitude, what I call a gracious mind, requires installing new daily habits and practices into your life. Yes, it takes works! If you don’t work at it, nothing will change. I’m not asking you to be perfect, all you need is to create momentum towards something different.

Using daily intentional exercises will help you create the flow you need to let in all the good things. Here is a list of the habits that can help you get there:

  1. Making a habit of having a positive mindset
  2. Moving your attention away from what you don’t want
  3. Having a consistent morning self-care routine
  4. Opening yourself up to transformation and accepting that only you can truly shift your circumstances
  5. Figuring out your strengths so you can become empowered
  6. Learning to be your authentic self with others
  7. Creating flow and abundance with daily affirmation statements
  8. Embracing and facing your fears
  9. Allowing negative thoughts to pass by without reacting
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In the second part of my book, I talk about all the ways that we can clear our heart space and make room for the wonderful things we would like in our lives.

The first step is to align with your passions and become aware of what brings you joy and light. The second is to pay attention to the synchronicities and learn to use your intuition to your benefit. The third step is to take full responsibility for yourself and your happiness. The fourth, is to work at releasing negative thoughts, beliefs, and energy for good.

The fifth and sixth steps are to cultivate your independence and your self-compassion so that you can learn to eliminate toxicity and focus on loving yourself rather than on trying to control others. The seventh step is to make all of your decisions through your intuitive mind space. And, the final step is to create outer peace in your home and everyday environment so that you can support and maintain the inner peace you’ve created.

My book goes through all of the actions you can take to implement these 17 actions and make then part of your daily way of being. You can also work with me in person. I would love to help you create a positive long lasting shift in your life.

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My name is Michelle. I have over twenty years of experience as a group facilitator and public educator. I’ve helped thousands of people re-imagine their lives and create concrete plans for self-improvement. I’ve facilitated dozens of workshops and support groups on topics like stress management, mental health and wellness, goal setting, grief counselling, safety planning, and confidence building. I’m a former social worker and non-profit consultant, and after struggling for years with my own feelings of anxiety and uncertainty about who I was and what I wanted, I did the work and learned how to get out of my own way and create an authentic meaningful life for myself. Now I teach others to do the same. I created Authentic World Inc, to offer a supportive space for learning these important life skills.


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