The Law of Attraction Is About Taking Mindful Action

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”

– Jack Canfield.

Jack Canfield says that your words and actions affect your life and can determine whether you have good or bad experiences. The key is to success is to focus on the right actions to take.

The LOA requires you to take deliberate thoughtful action. I would add mindful to this. Mindful action will help you align with what you truly want and stay on track. Taking action will set in motion the events that will bring you closer to your dream life. However, to do that, you need to be crystal clear about what you want.

Here are 10 ways you can use the LOA in a mindful way to achieve the right goals for you:

  1. Start by creating your vision
  2. Meditate on the vision
  3. Then break it down into small actionable chunks
  4. Work towards your goals every day
  5. Adjust your vision and plan if necessary
  6. Be willing to take quantum leaps towards what you want by asking for help
  7. Act as thought the future is already here and you’ve reached your goals
  8. Do the research and be informed about how to get there
  9. Be attentive to the opportunities that present themselves
  10. Don’t get attached to the outcome, instead stay in the moment and enjoy the journey

Bob Proctor says: “take giant leaps instead of small steps.” This will help you save energy and time and get past any perceived limitations. It’s okay to grow into your ideas. For real results, stop waiting for things to drop into your lap. Instead of staying stuck in information overload and planning mode, start taking action now. You don’t need to have it all figure out. Start today and learn as you go. Your vision will guide you forward.

Listen to your own inner voice and intuition rather than asking others what they think. Focus your energy on the things you’re clear on and be open to learning new ways to accomplish them. This openness to change will help propel you towards your new life. Being mindful about the way your choices will affect others will also work to bring in more good things.

Dr. John Demartini was featured in the movie The Secret 15 years ago. He discusses how the LOA was portrayed as an impractical magical thing. The missing piece, he says, is that your thoughts increase the chance that you will make choices and take actions that lead to your goals. Being aware of the opportunities around you is another important element to manifesting.

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An example is the 5×55 formula. This technique can be accomplished in 3 simple steps:

  • Think about something you want.
  • Write it down in the form of an affirmation.
  • Write your affirmation 55 times for 5 days straight.

The other key is to choosing things that have real value. Focus on things that are a priority for you and reflect your authentic self. Create an environment that supports your dreams and get comfortable with that.

Finally, make sure your inner being is aligned with the goals you’ve set for yourself. Are your plans really for you? Or are they things you think are expected of you? Aligning your thoughts and beliefs with what you want to achieve will help you prepare to receive what you are asking the universe for. In the same way, eliminating negative beliefs about the things you feel are getting in the way is key to opening your heart and mind to things.

The law of attraction works, but only if you do too! The law of attraction isn’t just about imagining a great future. It’s about translating your vision into actions. For example, offering value and being of service to others will attract abundance back to you.

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My name is Michelle. I have over twenty years of experience as a group facilitator, zen meditator, and public educator. I’ve helped thousands of people re-imagine their lives and create concrete plans for self-improvement. I’ve facilitated dozens of workshops and support groups on topics like stress management, mental health and wellness, goal setting, grief counselling, safety planning, and confidence building. I’m a former social worker and non-profit consultant, and after struggling for years with my own feelings of anxiety and uncertainty about who I was and what I wanted, I did the work and learned how to get out of my own way and create an authentic meaningful life for myself. Now I teach others to do the same. I created Authentic World Inc, to offer a supportive space for learning these important life skills.


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