I’m A Stoic and I Didn’t Know It: The Philosophy of Stoicism

Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy developed by Zeno of Citium who lived in modern day Cyprus in 300 B.C. The ideology argues for the development of self-control, fortitude, clear judgement, and inner calm as strategies for overcoming negative emotions and freeing ourselves from suffering. Zeno saw his philosophy as a way of life thatContinue reading “I’m A Stoic and I Didn’t Know It: The Philosophy of Stoicism”

A Gracious Mind and Clear Heart Can Transform Your Life

If you’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and a chronic unease in your life, you probably wished, like me, that you knew how you could get out of this negative pattern but didn’t quite know how. Over the years, I’ve learned that you CAN change this! If you create new habits and work to transform yourContinue reading “A Gracious Mind and Clear Heart Can Transform Your Life”

5 Simple Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

When I was first accepted into my doctoral program 5 years ago, I’m not sure I fully believed I deserved to be there. I remember my first day. I felt intensly scrutinized and judged, and assumed others in my cohort were somehow more capable and deserving of being there than I was. I felt likeContinue reading “5 Simple Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome”

How to have abundant gratitude

As a society we tend to be driven by wealth, material assets, and work performance and productivity. Many of us find it difficult to be grateful for the small things or even notice them as we go about our life. The truth is, research shows that people who are more materialistic tend to be lessContinue reading “How to have abundant gratitude”