I help ambitious people squash subconscious blocks to joy and success, and create the fulfilling career and life they want.


*Here’s what you get when you purchase my Made-for-you 1-year Coaching Program:

  • 3 one-on-one strategy sessions
  • 12 one-on-one coaching video calls
  • Lifetime access to 20+ video lessons
  • Guidebook with learning activities, tools, and templates
  • Weekly Telegram accountability & support chats
  • 4 Made-for-you Workshops
  • Bonus: 3 Skill-building Webinars (Finding your passion, setting boundaries, self-care and self-love)
  • Bonus: Healing Meditations & Mantras to Eliminate Overwhelm Mini-course

Are you more than ready to create a fulfilling career and life for yourself? Have you invested time a lot of time in personal development books, courses, or therapy and feel like you need more? Are you a high achiever who wants to make your wellbeing and happiness a priority? Are you ready to take your personal growth to the next level? If the answer to any of these is yes, you’re ready for a life coach.

Life coaching is about investing in YOURSELF and creating positive lasting transformation. If you love learning about things like mindset, mindfulness, and self-care, I’m here to give you the support and accountability you need.

Results my program offers:

  • Become skilled at turning negative or limiting thoughts into empowering ones that create happiness and fulfillment
  • Increase self-love, gratitude, and authenticity and use them as your superpower for getting what you want out of your career, relationships, and life.
  • Learn to take clear empowered actions that align with who you are.
  • Improve the quality of your life with new meditation, mindset, and self-care skills.
  • Feel more confident and learn to maintain a sense of self and balance as a business owner, academic, or leader.


My guiding principles…

  • I help people create a clear vision for building the fulfilling life and career they want.
  • I teach people to recognize self-sabotaging, fear-based thinking and replace it with consistent empowering thoughts.
  • I teach people to use mindfulness, meditation, and mantras to accelerate their personal growth.
  • I empower and help people to see their full potential, inner power and worth.
  • Coaching is about empowering you to take positive actions towards cahnge so you can create and align with your ideal life.


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“Patient and creative”

Michelle is consciencious, patient and creative. Her years of experience and her maturity guarantee success.

Rolande Smith, Board of Directors, Toronto Historical Society

“Extraordinary to work with”

She has been extraordinary to work with. She is capable, experienced and diligent… and is easy and fun to work with. I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Marika Morris, Owner, Marika Morris Consulting

“Excellent strategies”

I walked out feeling motivated and ready to tackle all the projects I’ve been putting off! Michelle gave me excellent strategies for how to prioritize my goals and get started right away.

Lindy Van Vliet, PhD Candidate, Carleton University

“Excellent Facilitator”

The goal-setting workshop was extremely practical and useful. The skills-based focus was helpful and productive. Michelle is an excellent facilitator who tailors her workshops to the needs of her participants.

Miranda Liebel, PhD Candidate, Carleton University

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