How to Use Intuition to Make Decisions

Intuition can be a key part of any person’s decision-making process, and how they can connect to it better.

Intuition is a state of having an immediate knowing or awareness and a sense of certainty about something or someone. It’s the inner voice or gut feeling that tells you to take a risk, go in a specific direction, and take an opportunity, or helps you in situations where you need to be careful, or maybe even not to do something at all.

When we make a decision we’re comfortable about using our rational side and applying logic in our analysis of the problem. But, intuition can give you important information your rational brain doesn’t, to think outside the box. Using intuition doesn’t just mean going with our feelings, it goes deeper than that. It means relying on past experience that have taught us lessons over time. Experiences from the past live in the subconscious mind. The more experience a person has with something, the more they can recognize patterns and signals that others might not see.

Intuition is also influenced by a person’s Emotional Quotien (EQ), and their openness to risk. More than that, when we make a mistake, we’re more likely to recognize the signs that something could go wrong the next time around. These factors all work to enhance intuition.

Of course, intuition has its limits and the point here is to think before acting, but to consider your gut feeling as a bonus. Relying on your gut can give you insight and perspective that you otherwise wouldn’t see if you were relying only on facts.

It was Carl Jung who said “intuition revels in the garden of magical possibilities”.

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Intuition is not the same thing as having anxiety or fear about something. In fact, both can happen at the same time. Intuition can help you figure out if what to do when you’re scared, determine if it’s a threat or not. Anxiety and fear are often a reaction to thoughts we base on our belief systems. Our fears can bring up feelings of overwhelm or be emotionally charged, trapping us a cycle of over-thinking.

Intuition on the other hand, is less about overwhelming emotions and more about seeing things with a clear vision, feeling inspired, or knowing with certainty that moving forward is the right choice.

What are the benefits of using intuition when making decisions?

Intuition can help uncover the deeper truth about a situation by nudging us to explore certain facits of it more closely. It also allows us to evaluate complicated or unfamiliar situations better by offering a direction or focus. Intuition helps us recognize our purpose in life and be more tuned into what we’re meant to be doing (or not doing). It helps us be more open to new ideas and can open new doors and possibilities we otherwise might not have seen.

Intuition can help us read people better or recognize negative signals that allow us to protect ourselves. It can guide decision-making, help with confidence and make it easier to recognize where our heart wants to take us. But our heart doesn’t always see the full picture and the way we interpret facts isn’t immune to our biases and beliefs. Author Rachel Wolchin says “Your brain can play tricks, your heart can be blind, but your gut is always right.”

How can I learn to use my intuition?

Here are three ways you can build a better connection to your gut:

  1. Give yourself permission to listen. In a situation where you feel stress or anxious about a decision, instead of resisting, listen to yourself and take a minute to calm yourself, take a breath, and allow your thoughts and feelings to surface. Take a moment to relax and quiet your mind. Give yourself permission to be still instead of feeling the pressure to decide at that moment.

If you need inspiration to quiet your mind and clear a path for your intuition to surface, try these 3 healing meditation audios as a free gift. Click below to claim your free gift!

2. Allow your mind to tune in. Allow emotions to settle down and see what thoughts arise. Silence often brings clarity and creates the space for intuition to rise to the surface. Get in tuned with your intuition signals when things are less critical so you can gain more experience using it. Are you hesitating about something? Trust yourself when you’re doubting something, there may be something you’ve overlooked.

3. Observe your emotions, thoughts, feelings and don’t resist them. Allow yourself to be curious about all of it without judgement. Ask yourself the following questions: Why do I really want this? Or not want it? Are these reasons reasonable? Are they a reaction to something else that’s happened or is happening? As the answers appear, pay attention to how your react. Are you feeling inspired? Do you see a clear path towards what you want and are meant to do? This is your gut feeling rising to the surface.

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