How To Stop Caring So Much About What Others Think

When making decisions in your life, do you often find yourself asking others what they think? Do you call up your closest friends or family members to ask their opinion? Do you frequently “need a sounding board” when planning big events or changes? You might be someone who cares too much about what others think.Continue reading “How To Stop Caring So Much About What Others Think”

How-to Master Self-Compassion

When you think about someone who cares about you and is showing you compassion, how do you feel? How do you imagine them behaving towards you? Isn’t it crazy how we allow others to be compassionate towards us, but don’t give ourselves the same courtesy and kindness? I’m talking to all of you hard assesContinue reading “How-to Master Self-Compassion”

6 Ways to Be Open to Change and Personal Transformation

Are you open to change and personal transformation? I sometimes hear people around me say they feel broken. And, I truly understand the feeling. I’ve been there. If you’ve been through a traumatic event, bad breakup, emotional loss of a person you care about, or anything that made you feel like there were no solutionsContinue reading “6 Ways to Be Open to Change and Personal Transformation”