How to be more authentic with others

What keeps us from being authentic with others? A few years back, before my coaching business existed, I was brainstorming ideas with a group of friends. One of my friend asked me about the courses I planned to offer my clients. I told her one of my ideas was to develop something for people whoContinue reading “How to be more authentic with others”

“Mindset is everything when it comes to health”

The latest episode of The Authentic World Podcast is out! Don’t miss my conversation with Lori Johnson of Hello Healthy. She shared some great advice on how to shift your mindset about health, how to manage stress, and how to build your support system so you can get healthy and stay that way. Lori hasContinue reading ““Mindset is everything when it comes to health””

How to find balance and avoid burnout during Covid-19

Our new podcast series just launched. I’m so excited to share episode one with you here! If you like it please consider subscribing and be the first to see new episodes. The series will cover conversations with people who’ve learned to master work-life balance, and will offer lots of practical tips and strategies you canContinue reading “How to find balance and avoid burnout during Covid-19”

How to create your daily morning ritual

Creating a morning routine can help you start your day off on the right foot. This doesn’t just help you be more productive and get more done, but it can also improve your mood and help re-align you with what lights you up, what’s most important to you. It can help you focus your attentionContinue reading “How to create your daily morning ritual”

How to Release Negative Feelings Without Biting People’s Heads Off

It’s a fact that our bodies hold the tension from the stress we feel over the course of our day and often hold onto over time. Giving yourself a daily moment to process those experiences, and finding healthy ways of letting the feelings come out can free you from emotional and physical aches and painsContinue reading “How to Release Negative Feelings Without Biting People’s Heads Off”

What Are Synchronicities and What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

Synchronicities are events and experiences that seem like coincidences but have a deeper meaning. They come together at the right time. For example, seeing an old friend we haven’t connected with in years after thinking about them, or singing a song and then hearing it again on the radio, overhearing someone talk about something that’sContinue reading “What Are Synchronicities and What Are They Trying to Tell Us?”