5 Steps to Finding Your Passion

Are you still trying to figure out what your passions are? Not sure if you’re in the right job? Wish you could get more excited about life? Lets just get right into it! Here are five great techniques to help you figure out what your passions are and how to connect to them and moveContinue reading “5 Steps to Finding Your Passion”

5 Habits for Avoiding Negative Thinking

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” — Willie Nelson Negative thoughts can slip into our mind several times a day, leaving us feeling fearful, uncertain, and even angry or sad. So how can I avoid negative thinking? Many of us think negative thoughts can be forced out ofContinue reading “5 Habits for Avoiding Negative Thinking”

Just because you’re busy it doesn’t mean you’re being productive

Efficient people are skilled at overcoming procrastination, boredom, lack of motivation or energy, and lack of focus. Productive people are great at focusing on what’s important first, cultivating meaningful work, using proven strategies in their daily lives, taking breaks, delegating work, eliminating time-wasters, investing in themselves, managing their energy, and setting boundaries. Your daily toContinue reading “Just because you’re busy it doesn’t mean you’re being productive”

Your ultimate checklist for self-care and boundary setting

I’m excited to share this post with you! Over the last few weeks I’ve been putting together my first ever e-book, where I share with you some of the best strategies I’ve learned over the years for setting healthy boundaries and doing self-care. Here it is! Available on Amazon Kindle for purchase. Many of usContinue reading “Your ultimate checklist for self-care and boundary setting”

How to prioritize and invest in yourself

Your longest relationship is with yourself. What are you doing to prioritize it? What are you doing to invest in and make yourself happy? A lot of people assume that their happiness lies outside of themselves. If they manage to choose the right combination of job and friends, their lives will magically improve. But, ifContinue reading “How to prioritize and invest in yourself”

6 ways not to be so hard on yourself

We usually hold ourselves to higher standards than we do others. But when our perfectionism becomes negative self-judgement, we might be creating a toxic environment for ourselves. If you catch yourself criticizing yourself too often, it’s time to look at how you’re treating yourself. Would you be this hard on someone else? Here are sixContinue reading “6 ways not to be so hard on yourself”

How to Deal With Anxiety and Overwhelm

Anxiety and overwhelm are instense feelings that can making it difficult to manage everyday tasks. These feelings can affect your ability to think, make decisions, and act, leaving you feeling stuck. Anxiety and overwhelm are often caused by stressful or difficult situations, a reaction to past traumatic experiences, challenging relationships or professional issues. Signs ofContinue reading “How to Deal With Anxiety and Overwhelm”