How to find balance and avoid burnout during Covid-19

Our new podcast series just launched. I’m so excited to share episode one with you here! If you like it please consider subscribing and be the first to see new episodes. The series will cover conversations with people who’ve learned to master work-life balance, and will offer lots of practical tips and strategies you can apply to your own life. The Authentic World Podcast is available on Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcast, Radio Public, and Pocketcasts.

I interviewed author and Therapist Khara Croswaite Brindle of Croswaite Counseling in Denver Colorado and she shared some great tips from her new book Perfectioneur. Khara describes herself as passionate about giving people aha moments that create goosebumps and catalyze powerful action. She works with young professional workoholics to heal their perfectionist trauma and support their personal growth.

Here are some of the best highlights:

The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing up feelings of grief, anxiety and loss for many people. Khara suggests reframing the language and thinking of 2020 as a gap year. She gives the example of traveling for a year after graduation instead of jumping into a full time job right away. You can use this time to grow, find yourself, strategize about the future.

Some signs of burnout are obvious. Your family and friends might tell you they never see you anymore for example. Others can sneak up on you, like a physical illness or a stress related symptom like hairloss or anxiety.

What’s your narrative about self-worth? What do you tell yourself about why you do what you do? Often these inner dialogues as caused by a negative core belief like “I’m only as good as what I do for other”, or “I’m only as good as the amount of money I make”. Consider what story you’re telling yourself about who you are and why you do things.

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Khara created the term Perfectioneur to describe someone who is both a perfectionist and an entrepreneur.

Khara says that setting boundaries can feel really distressing, because they can lead to changes in our life. We then start to ask ourselves questions like What if I burn a bridge? What if I create a conflict? Learning how to set boundaries is a process and it’s important to give ourselves the time we need to learn how to do it.

Movement can be a great way to prevent burnout. We’re all sitting at our computers more, working from home and not moving as much as we used to. It’s important to get up and stretch occasionally. Take breaks! Khara says that walking every day helps her mood and makes her feel more physically fit. Staying physically active also just helps us feel more focused.

Self-care isn’t just about going to the spa or for a vacation, it’s about doing the things you love, like listening to music, dancing, going out for walks, being with the people you care about. Think about what feeds your soul.

Things like journaling, engaging in creative projects, and practicing mindfulness are all important activities that can help heal burnout and make you a more balanced person. Look at multiple aspects of your person, focus on each with equal time and energy so as not to overdo it with just one.

Prioritizing is key to creating balance in your life. Khara recommends the following exercise. As yourself What are my top 10 priorities? Then, look at your to-do list and if anything isn’t aligned with that, you need to say no. This habit will increase your productivity and your creativity.

You can check out the full episode below:

Khara’s book The Perfectioneur can be found here.

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